Bio-Chem Textile is sole agent & distributor of renown Turkish manufacture company Resas & Korino both are based in state of the art city Istanbul Turkey. We are dealing in textile printing chemicals, Auxiliaries & colours.

Resas Chemie is leading in the customized development, Manufacture. Exporter marketing wide variety of adhesive, coating and emulation polymers.

Korino kimya are dealing in Synthetic Thickener’s specialty in printing & fashion article paste, Auxiliaries & Korino Pigment colours.


R&D Deparment:

Resas chemie & Kornio Kimya R &D Department develops new and innovative products adapted to the rapid changes taking place in the fashion world.

All products are tested according to the severe AATCC. ISO and DIN standards.

Our Bands are

Reprint THC NEW (Textile pigment printing thickener)

Reprint RST NEW (Textile reactive/Disperse printing thickener. High viscosity)

Reprint RST NA (Textile reactive/Disperse printing thickener. Low viscosity)

Reprint SWE (Textile water based ready to used white paste with elastic effect. Feel less)

Reprint RW (Textile water based ready to used white paste for all kind of fabric)

Reprint PNF (Textile pigments fixer, Zero formaldehyde cross-linker)

Reprint LAC (Textile non titanium base white paste for Dark ground fabric. Specially on black fabric)

Reprint TX50 (Textile coating binder PU based for Titanium paste & non tackiness print. Solid 50%)

Reprint SB50 (Textile Very soft printing binder TG – 27 solid 50%)

Reprint BL 100 (Anti Blocking agent for pigment printing paste)

Resoft Z100 (Pure non hydrolyzed silicone oil for very soft touch, warm & dry feel for pigment Printing & improve your pigment printing fastness)

Ultraprint Silver (Ultra-fine ready to used silver paste)

Ultraprint Gold (Ultra-fine ready to used gold paste)

Reprint Shine Based (Neno size glass particle paste for glowing effect on fabric)

Retex TINTY (Anti – Tinting agent for reactive & Disperse Printing. Special Wash off Agent for stripe Printing with white)

Retex MIP (New formula for anti Migration agent. 100% foam free product Quality certificates & affiliation Ikea H&M Gots Reach SVHC list Blue sign Proportion 65 Toxicity CSPA CHCC PQL Oekotex standard 2017).